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Picked-over and orphaned estate auction pieces are cleaned and made into Vintage Vessel Pincushions. Previously lonely items such as a single unmatched creamer, a jar or sugar bowl missing a lid, a blemished vase, a teacup without a saucer, a single candleholder or eggcup, a mini basket or skillet, measuring cup, ornate serving spoons, a colorful candy dish or even a hobnail toothpick holder become pincushions.

 These unusual objects from the past could be pewter, china, milk glass, silver or porcelain, just to name a few. A whimsical and functional way to preserve a fun piece of history!  Each group will contain a good mix of object materials (china, silver, glass, etc) varying in size, shape, and color.

Unit price: $40.50
Order minimum: 1 Unit
Unit contents: 6 Pieces

Rescued Linens  Pincushions Craft-themed Earrings