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These are reminiscent of typical tomato-style pincushions of yesteryear but are updated with fresh, lively prints instead of traditional plain red. We mix sizes and styles so your order has a lovely variety.

The large, flatter version (group in photo above, left) measures 5" across, may be pieced with up to three different prints and has a twill measuring tape loop for easy, pain-free pick-up. We include a couple "Needle-in-a-haystack" pincushions (far left one above). They have a section of golden hay printed fabric to keep needles separate from pins.

The smaller, puffy tomatoes (above, right) are about 3" across and are topped with a contrasting fabric calyx (star-shaped leaf).

All versions are stuffed pleasingly plump, sectioned with colorful embroidery floss and are topped with buttons. Some have additional decor such as coordinating yo-yos or metal charms.

 In each "Unit" ordered, you will receive a variety of styles, colors and prints. These sell well from a wicker basket, a Vintage hat box, luggage piece, or similar props.

Unit price: $75.50
Order minimum: 1 Unit
Unit contents: 12 Pieces

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