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Are you interested in having Cheri visit your Quilt Guild, Sewing Class, Craft Group, Church Fellowship or Girl's Gathering to share her collection of Pincushions ?  This is a fun get-together for your group !  Enjoy a repast of tea and dessert, using Cheri's collection of vintage china, silver pieces, linens and cloth napkins. Listen to a presentation of Sewing and Pincushion History along with tidbits of trivia. Engage your group playing interactive sewing-themed games. Explore the past as we pass around Cheri's collection of Vintage and Antique sewing items; including of course, oodles of Pincushions.

The following is a general description of our basic "Tea and Pincushions" experience:

What we’ll provide...


• Sewing-Themed Cake.
• Tea, Sugar and Cream.
• Need more items or ideas ? See "What you'll provide"  for suggestions.

 Serving pieces:

• Vintage Tea Cups and Saucers.
• Tea Pots.
• Dessert Plates.
• Vintage Cream Pitchers and Sugar Bowls.
• Vintage Silver Forks, Spoons, Sugar Shells, Cake Servers, Platters.
• Cloth Napkins.


• An eclectic variety of Vintage and Antique Linens for Table Coverings.
• Vintage Sewing Items to display on tables.

• We come to your place of meeting an hour in advance to set up.
• We assist in serving and provide 'entertainment' (Speaker presentation, games, show &  tell, hand-outs).
• We provide prizes for games, and Thank You Gifts for any helpers from your group  who assist in serving.
• We clear the tables and hand wash all dishes involved (Vintage China and Silver can't be  microwaved or run through a dishwasher).
• We will wipe down the tables.

We would appreciate you allowing us a separate table for use after the presentation to host a 'mini-market'. This is to display and sell a small sampling of the items we create (primarily items from this site, or our Etsy store). Prices range from $2.50 Finger Pincushions and $8.00 Tomato Pincushions to the occasional Vintage Quilt for $100. Cash and Checks accepted. We bring our own change, calculators and merchandise bags.

What you’ll provide...

• Tables & Chairs and the manpower to set them up and tear down after.
• A Kitchen area: we'll need to heat water for Tea
• Large dispensers or tea kettles
• A sink for us to wash dishes.
• If you wish to provide a different or additional beverage choice (coffee,  lemonade,water..) that's fine; it will be served in the Vintage Tea Cups
• If you wish to provide more food items and they fit on the dessert dishes we bring,  that's fine, too.
• We would appreciate 1 or 2 volunteers to assist in serving.
• If larger or additional plates or bowls are required, we can discuss adding those to your event. At present, we have mixed Vintage China and Silver pieces enough to serve 100. These are also available to rent for Weddings and Children's Birthday Parties so we need to schedule your event with a $100 deposit to secure the date. A contract detailing your event with us will be signed by both parties with each keeping a copy.

The "Tea & Pincushions" presentation is for a group up to 25 people, runs 1-1/2 hours long and cost is $275. Additional guests are $10.00 each. Contact us for dates available and options to fit your group.