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Finger Pincushions are handy and satisfying for quilters and crafters alike. They are convenient and portable; no more pins in your mouth or stabbing the chair cushion. Finger Pincushions are attractive, tidy and user-friendly.

Worn like a ring, this dainty pincushion has a finished, natural wood base with a high-quality, long-life elastic band and a cotton print cushion. You will receive an assortment of colors, patterns, and subtle variations in elastic band sizes. Fabrics are calicoes and mini-prints; our choice, though color and seasonal requests are welcome. We also accept custom orders of Finger Pincushions made with fabrics you supply us. Contact us for details.

Finger Pincushions sell best from a prominently-displayed bowl or basket. Slip some on the fingers of a Vintage Lady's dress glove for an eye-catching display as well. We have several Vintage gloves available should you desire one for your shop. Contact us and let us know how we can accommodate you.

Unit price: $75.00
Order minimum: 1 Unit
Unit contents: 50 Pieces

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